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A production house which  has started   fifty years ago and  has made number of  films in different languages, documentary films, music  videos, advertisements, print shoots .One of the most reputed companies in the Indian Entertainment industry.

During the past five decades ,India Films has explored & set new trends in the entertainment Industry. The company has produced numbers of films. Films like Shehzada, Sara Jahan Hamara (both in Hindi) and Nadiya vichade Neer, Khel Pyar Da (both in Punjabi) and Bhojpuri film Bhula Ba Dhiha Preetiya Hamaar, The ganesha, lonavala to khandala ,bolti deeware (a documentary film on  history of Indian cinema) and many more. The Ganesha was specially made for channel Discovery.The Company has also produced regional films. All films are successfully released through HMV and T-series.

Currently, when the big star cast movies and big budget films failing miserably at the box- office, the best service to the film industry are to train and promote the new crop of actors. In this regard services and adventures of India Films deserve real appreciation and applaud. They are doing their best to encourage, train and introduce them in their own films. India Film was launched by late Shri Prakash Chhabra, who has made many movies, music albums and documentaries and released them successfully. In almost all of their films, they have introduced many new comers, who doing their best as actors with the experience they got from India Films.

India Films is now being carried forward by  Deep Prakash Chhabra and Savita Singh, a very passionate people and are bent upon, to promote and train more and more artists which is the need and the demand of the Film Industry. They are providing full facilities to the newcomers with suitable, accordable and comfortable loading and boarding for the students who come from outside, to become the artist. Proper training in the art of acting, dancing, singing and even Modelling is grin to them , apart from diction, presentation, dialogue delivery and the smart way of using senses, while facing the Camera. More and better information can be had from India Films, who are always ready to help the Aspiring Artistes.

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